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Wholesale cucumbers

Cultivation does not involve any biological risks, and production is sustainable and eco-friendly. These products don’t contain artificial additives, sugar, GMOs, or harmful chemicals.
“Bakinsky” short smooth-skinned cucumbers
Crunchy and delicious cocktail cucumbers. Perfect for salads and as a snack.
Slicing smooth-skinned cucumbers
Juicy smooth-skinned seedless cucumbers with a mild flavour. They’re perfect as a snack and as pickles.

Wholesale fresh cucumbers directly from manufacturer

Agro-Inwest is a modern and rapidly growing greenhouse complex that offers wholesale fresh vegetables, including cucumbers, directly from the manufacturer. We grow and sell tons of popular mid-size and short varieties. Our produce is eco-friendly, GMO free and is not exposed to harmful chemicals. We cooperate with dozens of major retailers and hundreds of small wholesalers in Moscow and the region.

Our advantages

  • Cultivation and wholesale of cucumbers is one of our key business profiles. We use advanced biological methods of plant protection, maintenance, and yield increase. We collect rainwater for irrigation, use bumblebees for pollination and special predatory insects for pest control.Our greenhouses yield juicy natural vegetables — we have never used and will not use any GMOs. Moreover, our greenhouses are located in a pristine area to exclude any negative impacts of the environment. You can always check our results for yourself.
  • Quality and freshness are key but we also focus on appearance. Moe Leto vegetables are always securely packed to ensure their integrity and best look on the shelves and the tables.
  • wholesale cucumbers directly from the manufacturer to ensure the best price.And we meet their requirements. We don’t save on quality. We use best management and logistics practices and state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to maintain attractive prices.
  • It’s obvious that every wholesaler wants to find high quality fresh cucumbers at the best price. However, to ensure successful business and a steady income, the manufacturer should be reliable, provide certain guarantees, be ready to increase volumes, expand scope, etc. That's why more and more Russian wholesalers and retailers prefer working with Agro-Inwest LLC. We have transparent policies which evidence our quality, capacities, and reliability both as a producer and supplier.

Opt for the best

Buying wholesale cucumbers in Moscow is not a problem — the market is well-supplied. The question is in the priorities of the wholesaler. If you value safety and quality the most, we will be happy to have you as a partner. We are committed to supply the most delicious and nutritious fresh vegetables for your consumers at attractive prices.